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Cerámicas Artísticas Qepay

The Americas // Peru

Cerámicas Artísticas Q´epay is a small family owned workshop in Arequipa, Peru. The group, founded by Eduardo Gonza, currently has 14 ceramic artists, mostly women. They work together to hand mold, fire, polish and paint the darling ceramic nativities.

Eduardo and the group believe in promoting Peruvian culture. He researches different cultural groups within Peru to capture them in their ceramics. They currently create 5 nativity sets based on different Peruvian ethnic groups. Eduardo also created our very popular polar bear design honoring indigenous North American cultures.

Nativity sales help keep workers employed during the slow winter season. That makes these ceramic nativities the best kind of fair trade gift; Christmas décor that brings happiness to the recipient and to the people who make them.


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Peruvian Art Sarasota
Art Peru Sarasota
Cerámicas Artísticas Qepay
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