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Sasha Craft Producers

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The sustained work of Sasha Association for Craft Producers with more than 100 crafts groups has helped to revive dying arts and skills, provide artisans with a livelihood, and revitalize craft communities. Sasha’s success has been in combining community development with handcraft marketing. The non-profit marketing arm finds needed outlets for handcrafts, while capacity building and other development projects are coordinated by the Sasha Enterprise Development Foundation.

Sasha represents crafts producers from rural and semi-urban areas, mostly in eastern India, who benefit from health campaigns, improved working conditions, and stable incomes. Nearly 70% of the producers Sasha works with are women. Sasha’s unique model of organizing groups into larger crafts consortiums means that groups specializing in different aspects of textiles, such as embroidery, printing, and tailoring, combine their skills to make unique products that are exported around the world and also sold in their own store in Kolkata. Sasha’s designers have developed a wide range of silk and other textile crafts which are favorites among our customers.


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