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“Like many of her generation, Yvette is too young to remember much of the 1994 Rwandan genocide–but she’s old enough to feel its effects. When the dust settled, Yvette was an orphan. Yetette and her two sisters dropped out of school. They ate once a day, or not at all, and it was difficult to find clothes to wear. They scrounged for work, which was often grueling and short-lived. Yvette describes that time as one of great sorrow and loneliness. Joining Good Paper changed everything. With her fair-trade wages, she rents a house, eats a balanced diet, and plans for her future. At work, she races her coworkers and relishes the feeling of surpassing her goal. Using Good Paper as a model, she dreams of starting her own sustainable business. She is clothed with strength, beauth, and dignity, and because of cardmaking, she once again allows herself to have hope for the days to come.”

Can it be more than ink on paper? We believe it can. Our mission at Good Paper is to restore the human spirit. To restore the humanity and beauty within each of us that gets so easily forgotten and tossed aside. We start with our cardmakers – women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda. It continues with you, sending one of our creations to a loved one, and in turn delivering … Delight. Encouragement. Joy. Hope. Can a card change a life? More than we ever imagined. Our cards are changing a world.


for families across the world

By purchasing these products, you’re building a better world through fair trade.

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