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dZi Handmade’s Wild Woolies

  • Asia & Oceania
    // Kathmandu, Nepal

dZi Handmade’s Wild Woolies felt birdhouses are made by the first fully certified Fair Trade artisan company in Kathmandu, Nepal. They provide continual employment, training and skill development to over 500 artisans and staff in areas of product design, production, quality control and management in order to keep growing their successful Fair Trade export business.

dZi Handmade is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Himalayan artisans and their communities through the development and marketing of their craft traditions. As a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation, they strive to uphold Fair Trade principles, as well as provide high quality products and customer service.

Since dZi Handmade was founded in 1990, their company has been intimately involved in the Fair Trade movement. In 1994, the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) was officially launched as a trade association representing North American wholesalers and retailers. dZi Handmade is a founding member of FTF. For over 25 years, dZi Handmade has worked directly with over 1000 Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese artisans to create, import and market designs that celebrate the beauty of the the natural world and the amazing culture of the people of the greater Himalayan region. They currently work with over 25 groups who make unique felt, metal craft, handmade paper and jewelry items.

“dZi Handmade provides good work for housewives like me. With this job I am getting an opportunity for employment and money for food and other things my family needs.”


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