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  • Prescraft Ceramics

    Proudly sold at Artisans' World Marketplace

    Prescraft Ceramics

    Cameroon, Africa

    Prescraft has enabled hundreds of disadvantaged handicraft producers to sell their products within the Fair Trade market and become self-reliant.

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  • Jamtown Instruments

    Proudly sold at Artisans' World Marketplace

    Jamtown Instruments

    Ghana, Java, Peru, Bali, Bolivia and Cameroon

    Sales of Jamtown Instruments provides critical support to low-income families via fair wages, order prepayment, marketing and other assistance.

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  • Peace by Piece

    Proudly sold at Artisans' World Marketplace

    Peace by Piece

    Nicaragua and Peru

    We work directly with the potters providing training and micro-loans, and use only local resources so your purchase not only supports the artist and his or her family, but also the laborers who dig the raw clay, and the neighbors who prepare the pottery for shipment.

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  • Mai Handcrafts

    Proudly sold at Artisans' World Marketplace

    Mai Handcrafts


    The 300 artisans (80% are women) associated with Mai Handicrafts are earning between US $50 and $70 a month in a country where the average monthly income is US $20-30.

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Fair Trade is the system of sustainable development by ensuring local artisans are paid fair living wages


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