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[clockwise from top left] Floors that resemble the sun dried earth and rich colors abound with craft from all over the world. Vibrant, joyful, hand-painted animals from Bolivia. Kenana Knitter Critters from Kenya. A handpainted frog kite from Indonesia, and recycled flip flops take on a new form as exotic animals from Kenya.

Gifts that make a difference — see for youself.

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As we watch the evening news we can be overwhelmed by the extreme poverty in the world around us, and think “I am one person…what can I do?” Mother Teresa once said, “If you cannot feed 100, feed one.” If we look at the big picture, we can convince ourselves that there is nothing we can do, but if we begin to think like Mother Teresa, we will soon realize that the goal of feeding one is within our reach.

Throughout the years Artisans’ World Marketplace has not only helped artisans gain self-sufficiency through the purchase of products, but has channeled financial resources in the form of grants for service projects as needs have been identified to us. The range of needs that we have supported are as follows:

Earthquake relief for India through SERRV International.
The purchase of anti-snake venom for victims in the Ecuadorian jungles through One World Projects.
The purchase of school supplies for children in Haiti through Dwelling, LLC.
Help with the purchase of needed equipment for The Enterprising Kitchen.
Support in the New York and Pennsylvania post 9/11 relief effort.
Scholarship for young girls in Nepal.
Support to help with artisan programs and education through SERRV International.
Provide scholarship money for a single mom in Guatemala to be able to send her blind child to school.
In February of 1995 six people sat around the dining table of Sandy and Doug Ramsey’s home in Sarasota, Florida, united in the passion of making a difference in the world. Most had been involved in a self-help store and saw the difference fair trade could make in the lives of low-income artisans around the globe.

Out of that meeting Artisans’ World Marketplace was established to provide a fair trade presence in Sarasota for the entire Gulf Coast region. By serving as a non-profit retail outlet for fairly-traded goods from around the globe, Artisans’ World Marketplace seeks to:

…provide increased self-employment for low-income artisans worldwide

…raise the public’s awareness of and concern for economic justice for the poor and impoverished parts of our world

…support sustainable economic development which protects our earth and environment

…provide funding for projects which create jobs or provide job training for low-income disadvantaged persons.

Artisans’ World Marketplace is providing a concrete way to respond to the global problems of poverty, hunger and our environment. We encourage and welcome you to experience the unique art and positive change we are making in our world.